By Bruce Donehower
A grandfather's tale sets off young Miko on an adventure

It is winter in Lapland, the time of year when it's dark both day and night. Inside their reindeer-hide tent, Miko and his grandfather sit close to the fire, waiting for dinner, and Grandfather begins to tell a story. It's about the sun and the moon's mischievous daughter, Ravna, who was once captured by King Winter and held prisoner in his mountain of ice. He threatened to harm the girl if her father tried to rescue her— and everyone is worried, because, without the sun, there could be no spring.

As Miko listens, he begins to ponder. This winter seems especially long and dark and cold. When is the sun supposed to return? Has that day already come and gone? Perhaps King Winter has caught Ravna again and winter will never end.

Late that night, after his family is asleep, Miko gets out of bed, puts on his warmest clothes, and goes outside to harness his reindeer. He must search out the answer for himself.

So the journey begins, thrusting Miko into a wondrous adventure in which he discovers the truth about King Winter and Ravna.


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Bruce Donehower has created a book that captures the imagination of anyone but most especially of the 10 – 12-year-old. Miko’s adventures bring to life the world of Saami boy and the qualities that make that life very similar to that of a boy from a first nation tribe in the Americas. This book makes a perfect fourth-grade class reader.

— Shari Lee Adams (on Amazon)

A New York Times Book Review recommended book . . .