Books by Bruce Donehower 

The Birth of Novalis

This book offers, for the very first time, a reliable and lucid translation into English of the most important primary sources pertaining to the biography of the German Romantic poet-philosopher Novalis.


Tracker-poet Mingo Aihouauk has a problem. Sister Hettie Starkey, shaman and devoted housewife from Tonawanda, New York, has summoned him to Niagara where an unsolved murder’s got Hettie’s husband, New York State Park Ranger Raymond Starkey (soon to retire!), thoroughly skunked…

The Fairies

“I was terrified!” said the old ferryman. “But the awful uproar did not allow me to sleep. I crept to the window and peered out toward the river. Tremendous clouds scudded angrily across the heavens, and the distant trees thrashed about. It felt as though my tiny house would quake and shake to pieces. Suddenly I saw a stream of white light that became stronger and stronger—until it became as bright as a thousand falling stars . . . “


A fairy tale of adventure and rescue, written for young readers. It is winter in Lapland, the time of year when it’s dark both day and night. Inside their reindeer-hide tent, Miko and his grandfather sit close to the fire, waiting for dinner, and Grandfather begins to tell a story…

The Fairy Tale

“The Fairy Tale came to birth as a result of the friendship between Goethe and Schiller, and friendship is a dominant theme in the Tale. Schiller was the first and primary audience for the work. As is well known, it was the friendship between these two individuals, Goethe and Schiller, that inaugurated the period in European literature known as Weimar Classicism.”

–From the Afterword “Goethe in Paradise.”


Chapter One

“Once upon a time… When did it happen? When did it not happen?… there lived a farmer who did pretty well for himself. He had land and money, and his neighbors gossiped and called him rich.

But despite all good fortune, he felt unhappy because he had no children with his wife.